Autofiber Thin Coating Microfiber Applicator Sponge Pad w/ Plastic Barrier

Autofiber Thin Microfiber Coating Applicator Pad w / Plastic Barrier


Microfiber applicator pads make coating product application easier, quicker, and more efficient, but application coatings typically have a lower viscosity (not as thick - flow easier) so they soak through the microfiber to the sponge, wasting valuable product.

Our solution to this problem is this thin coating microfiber applicator sponge pad with a plastic barrier. We have added a layer of a hydrophobic material between the microfiber material and sponge. This prevents excess coating product from soaking through the microfiber into the sponge. It also limits excess product buildup which can become gummy and tacky as the coating begins to cure.

microfiber applicator sponge pad with a plastic barrier

These terry cloth applicator sponges are two-tone only to differentiate them from the standard microfiber applicators, which don’t have the product saver hydrophobic layer. The two sides function exactly the same.

These are the Thin - 5" x 3.5" x 1"


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applicator sponge with microfiber material