Starke Liquid Kraken Marine Grade Graphene Nano Coating

Starke Yacht Care Liquid Kraken Marine Grade Graphene Nano Coating


Liquid Kraken is a true marine-grade graphene nanocoating formulated specifically for gel coat and marine paints. The low VOC solvent-based formula carries a high concentration of graphene oxide which forms a monolithic layer of protection one atom thick. This ultra-slick finish is known to reduce water spotting by approximately 50%.

Reduced water spotting is the number one selling point on why a boat owner would select a Liquid Kraken over a SiO2-based nanocoating like Liquid THOR Marine Nano Ceramic Coating.

SiO2 and graphene-based coatings have relatively the same level of gloss and durability. The life span of the silicon oxide coating will be a function of how often the vessel is used, stored, and maintained. A general time frame would be roughly up to 12 to 24 months of protection before you would reapplication.


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