Starke Yacht Care Hybrid Marine Sealant
Starke Hybrid Marine Sealant
Starke Boat Sealant
All in one boat wax and sealant
Starke Yacht Care Hybrid Marine Sealant

Starke Yacht Care Hybrid Marine Sealant

  • Product Type: sealants
  • Barcode: 690277850158

Starke Yacht Care Hybrid Marine Sealant is a new generation boat wax and polymer sealant that shares the properties of both a nanoceramic coating and boat sealant.

Chemists have put together some new very impressive formulations and blends of resins and polymers that significantly improve slickness along with an unrivaled. mirror-like shine. This warm glow is noticed instantly upon contact with the treated surface.

The thinness of the Hybrid Marine Sealant allows this sealant to be very user-friendly as well as spread an extremely long way. This is an all-around great boat sealant, that offers excellent slickness and works phenomenally on darker colored vessels in addition to light colors. Can be used to seal marine paint, gel coat, and metals. Can be used by hand or by a random-orbital machine using a soft foam pad. 


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