FLEX XCE 10-8 125 Corded Dual-Action Polisher
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FLEX XCE 10-8 125 Corded Dual-Action Polisher

The FLEX XCE 10-8 125 Corded dual-action polisher and buffer is a basic hand-tool designed to correct the most common surface problems through to the finish of your marine paint or gel coat without the risk of holograms. The low-heat generating polisher is ergonomically shaped for a precision fit and has a smooth counterweight for easy operation. The FLEX XCE 10-125 Corded Polisher provides high-abrasive power and is equipped with a positive-action drive to make your polishing and marine detail projects a breeze!

The FLEX XCE shares many positive traits with its cordless polisher brothers that will certainly be of benefit to your marine paint correction. It is a gear-driven, dual-action polisher and buffer that will provide you with power comparable to a rotary polisher without the risk of holograms. In fact, for almost any marine paint correction job you do, you will be able to use the FLEX XCE 10-8 125 Corded Polisher from the compounding step to the waxing step without ever having to switch to a different polisher!

The FLEX XCE 10-8 125 is even made to be a safer tool when working on paint that is particularly temperature-sensitive. Thanks to the optimized airflow in the machine, the motor and gears are kept cool. This greatly lowers the heat generation on the working surface of the polisher, and thus reduced heat on your paint’s surface as well!

With an ergonomically designed body and head, you won’t find yourself having to put down the FLEX XCE 10-8 125 Corded Polisher due to hand fatigue during use. The balanced, light-weight design of the FLEX XCE also makes it much less cumbersome to wield. Weighing in at just over 5 pounds, you will be able to work even the vertical surfaces of your paint with ease!


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