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Buff and Shine URO-FIBER Buffing Pad

Buff and Shine URO-FIBER Buffing Pad

  • Product Type: pads
  • Barcode: 97942934

URO-FIBER Buffer Pads are designed to fully maximize the detailing potential already seen in microfiber fabric pads. With a 25% lower pile than traditional microfiber pads, URO-FIBER buffing pads also feature a blend of two different microfiber grades into just one pad. These two features, never before seen in a microfiber pad, allow you to cut, polish, and finish in just one step!

While the black and white fibers found in the URO-FIBER Pads lead to an overall attractive appearance, they are for so much more than just looks. With both cutting fibers and polishing fibers blended together into one pad, you are now able to remove light to moderate scratches and swirls, polish to perfection, and buff to a high shine in just one pad! Although, of course, you will need a clean pad for each step.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 1.5" x .375"
  • 2.25" x .375"
  • 3" x .375
  • 5" x .375"
  • 6" x .375"


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