Buff and Shine Pad Spur

Buff and Shine Pad Spur


Give a new lease on life to soiled buffing pads with Buff & Shine buffing pad cleaning spur. This buffer accessory fluffs and cleans buffing pads easily, eliminating glazed and hardened polish from the surface of the pad. It's also great for loosening packed wool and extends the life of your other buffing accessories. 

You can use this tool only for cleaning wool buffing pads. This distinct tool keeps your wool pad in workable condition and removes caked-on buffing compounds so that your polishing jobs can continue uninterrupted. This cleaning spur is a must-have in your tool bag since it saves valuable time and enhances buffing pad performance.

The fibers on the wool buffer pad give it the power to buff surfaces for a smooth finish. Over a period of use, the fibers become caked with polishing compounds and become less effective. Just run the cleaning spur over the wool pad to make it reusable. This wool pad spur has an ergonomically designed handle that is angled and has three spurring wheels. 

The spurs are made of metal and they separate the wool fibers to help the cleaning pad return to a like-new state. You can complete buffing jobs much faster while getting consistent results at the same time by using the Buff & Shine Buffing Pad Cleaning Spur.

Key Features of the Buff & Shine Buffing Pad Cleaning Spur:

  • More economical than replacing wool buffing pads
  • Pays for itself with its first use
  • Helps clean caked build-up on the cleaning pad fibers
  • Extends the life of your wool pad
  • The ergonomic, angled handle enables easy operation
  • Restores the texture and efficiency of your wool buffing pad quickly
  • Three spurring wheels made of metal break up the caked polish


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