The Presta line of products has been specifically formulated to deliver exceptional results on all painted surfaces. Whether your paint is clearcoat or single stage, whether new or old, Presta products will help you create a dazzling, mirror-like finish. In addition, Presta is the perfect choice for gel coats, mold refinishing, composites, Plexiglas, and fiberglass. Shop for your pads now at Tampa's #1 Marine Detail Supply store!

Presta Wool & Foam Pads (7)

Presta Yellow Double-Sided Wool Medium Cutting Pad


Presta Blue Blended Wool Soft Polishing Pad


Presta White Double-Sided Wool Heavy Cutting Pad


Presta Black Heavy Compounding Wool Pad


Presta Black and White Single-Sided Wool Compounding Pad


Presta Green Blended Wool Light Cutting Pad


Presta Super Cut Compound