• Powerful and Effective , safe and Easy-to-use 
  • Swirl-free, Scratch-free and improves paint gloss 
  • Professional results with no risk 
  • idea for Applying Polish And Waxes
  • Variable Speed Dial;on/off Sliding Safety Switch 
  • Ergonomic, Design and Comfortable Soft-Touch Head cover
  • Auto shut off carbon Brush, Low Noise and Vibration 
  • Sealed 100% Ball-Bearing Construction Provides Longer life 

MaxShine (5)

MaxShine M15 pro 15mm/1000W Dual Action polisher


Maxshine M1000 5“/1000W Rotary Polisher


Maxshine MN01 Mini Polisher with 5/8" Adaptor


MaxShine M8S 8mm/900w Dual action polisher


Maxshine M550 3"/550W Rotary Polisher