Jescar Powerlock Plus Polymer Sealant
Jescar Powerlock Polymer Sealant
Jescar Powerlock Plus Polymer Sealant Large Jug for Marine Detailing

JESCAR – Power Lock Plus Polymer Paint Sealant Sprayer for Boat, Car – Paint Sealant Spray Automotive – 32 oz

  • Product Type: sealants
  • Barcode: 830841001979

JESCAR – Power Lock Plus Polymer Paint Sealant Sprayer for Boat, Car – Paint Sealant Spray Automotive – 32 oz

Product Specifications:

➤ Brand: Jescar

➤ Item form: Sprayer

➤ Quantity: 1 Bottle spray

➤ Weight: 32 oz


Power Lock Plus Polymer Sealant from Jescar is a high gloss, easy to apply polymer sealant that locks out environmental contaminants and UV rays to give your car's paint a durable shine. Our paint sealer is a completely synthetic substance made up of polymers that chemically adhere to the paint surface. When they flash, they create a thicker layer of protection which will stay longer.

Key Points:

➤ ABOUT PRODUCT: Jescar Power Lock Polymer Paint Sealant 32 oz has cutting-edge polymer technology that not only lasts longer but also feels smoother to the touch. It also keeps the paint cleaner with a very smooth finish. Jescar Power Lock Polymer Paint Sealant is completely synthetic, so it can withstand frequent washes and rain showers while still preserving your vehicle.

➤ EASY TO USE: This polymer paint sealant makes cleaning your vehicles very easier and safer for you. This paint sealant offers you an innovative option for the paint protection. The Speed, shine and slickness of this polymer paint sealant will impress you. Fast application and high-performance results make this unique than the other ordinary paints sealants exist in the market.

➤ HIGH GLOSS FINISH: This power lock polymer sealant formula gives a high gloss finish to your vehicle. The powerful interlocking polymers which exist in this formula will lock in that high gloss finish and lock out environmental contamination.

➤ UV PROTECTION: This Power lock polymer sealant gives you a UV protection. The UV protection will continue to defend against sun ray damage for an extended period of time while it protects environmental degradation.

➤ DIRECTIONS TO USE: You can easily apply this power paint protector sealant by hand, polisher or with a microfiber or foam pad. To keep your vehicle condition new, apply a second layer to increase the locking performance for the longer protection.

Product Features:

➤ Guarantees a wet look finish

➤ Shine and protection formula

➤ Protects the surface

➤ High gloss shine

➤ Durable product for your car’s paint

➤ Easy to apply and use

➤ Gives UV protection

➤ Innovative option for the paint protection



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