If you’re serious about restoring the luster to your clear coat, marine paint, or gel coat, you'll need to get acquainted with buffing pads and polishing pads. Some pads are meant to be used by hand but most are meant to be used with a machine such as a Dual Action (DA) Orbital Polisher or Rotary Buffer. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes for different uses. Order yours from Florida's leading marine detail store!

Pads, Buffers & Detailing Accessories (53)

Lake Country Purple Foamed Dual-Action Wool Pad


8'' x 1.5'' Lake Country Double-Sided Twisted Wool Heavy Cut Wool Buffing Pad


Lake Country HDO Blue Heavy Polish Pad


Lake Country HDO Orange Polishing Pad


Lake Country FORCE Orange Foam Cutting Pad


Lake Country FORCE Light Grey Heavy Cutting Pad


Lake Country FORCE White Foam Polishing Pad


Lake Country HD Blue Synthetic Foamed Wool Cutting Pad


Lake Country HDO Black Orbital Finishing Pad