Buff and Shine offers a comprehensive line of pads and accessories for all types of polishing equipment and applications, including high-speed simple rotary, dual-action (DA), random-orbit, as well as newer technologies like forced-rotation, gear-driven, high-action, and long-throw polishers. Choose from a full range of pad materials like wool, micro-fiber, hybrids, and numerous foams, including closed-cell, open-cell, American, and Euro foams.  Additionally, each of these pads comes in multiple sizes to fit all your polishing equipment.  Browse our collection for all of your marine detailing needs!

Buff and Shine Buffing and Polishing Pads (20)

8" X 1.5" Buff And Shine Double-Sided Wool Cutting Pad


Buff and Shine URO-FIBER Buffing Pad


8" X 1.25" Buff And Shine Double Sided Heavy Cut Wool Buffing Pad


8'' X 1.5" Buff And Shine Double-Sided Medium Cut Wool Polishing Pad


Buff and Shine URO-TEC Maroon Foam Heavy Cut Polishing Pad


MARINE DETAIL – 6” Buff and Shine Buffing Microfiber Pad for Compounding and Polishing Auto Detailing – Restores Shining, Convenient Buffing Drill Pad for Cars and Boats – Large size, Black


Buff and Shine URO-TEC Light Foam Polishing Buffer Pad


Buff and Shine URO-TEC Dark Blue Medium Foam Polishing Buffer Pad


Buff and Shine Grey Uro-Wool™ Blend Buffing Pad